get the best coaching and workouts through our app for all fitness levels and goals 

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Train when you want, where you want with a program that works.

Our programming isn't about just slapping a bunch of exercises together and calling it a day. The programs you will see in the app are meticulously structured and tested with years of knowledge behind them to give you an effective and efficient workout that is still fun and exciting to do!

Our goal is to teach you how to train better, help you get the results you have been looking for and for it all to be fun in the process. The GOALS Training APP is more than just a workout, its a total mindset shift that will help change your life.

Start training with us today!

Monthly and yearly options available!


What you get in the membership:

  • All workouts are available at any time in your profile

  • Unlimited access to your program

  • Easy to follow app with tons of helpful features to monitor progress

  • Video demos and written descriptions with every exercise 

  • Group chat and comment section filled with weekly tips and tricks

  • Workouts are planned monthly so you are able to plan way ahead of time

  • Access to the Facebook group with live Q&A, support and exclusive videos

  • Helpful customer support for any personal questions you have about your program or experience

  • *FREE Beginner's Guide To Nutrition with purchase of a membership

 The GOALS Training App will have something for every fitness level and have options, full gym access or home workouts with minimal equipment. You pick your program goal for the month before you begin which is then laid out for you in the app. You are able to track your progress in the workouts with sets and reps but can also track other measurements with photos, biometrics, nutritional tracking and whatever else you want or need to monitor.

With this membership you are getting more than just a program. We want you to become a part of the community we are building with discussions, Q&A sessions, exclusive training and nutrition videos, support and motivation!


Minimal Equipment Training

Training with minimal equipment doesn't mean you can't get stronger. These strength focused programs will challenge you with slow tempos and heavy weighted sets and workouts that will help build your lean muscle mass.

All programs are full body and are primarily focussed on compound (like the squat) to build a functional strength base than working on smaller muscle movements.

This is great for every fitness level and a great way to build a solid, bulletproof foundation.

  • 30-40 minute training sessions

  • 4 workouts per week + off day options

  • Includes strength, muscle building and endurance workouts

  • Dumbbells, resistance bands, pull up bar


Muscle building

Minimal Equipment Training

These full body workouts are focussed on building lean muscle mass with high intensity exercises, heavy weights and lots of volume! This is where you are going to be challenged with all the variations we can throw at you to build as much lean muscle as we can.

These are full body workouts so we can spread the intensity throughout the whole week to your whole body, rather than your traditional bodybuilding split-type workout. This allows you to lift more or heavier for every set of every training session.

  • +/- 60 minute training sessions

  • 4 workouts per week + off day options

  • Dumbbells, bands, body weight exercises



Minimal Equipment Training

These high intensity workouts are just as much of a mental challenge as they are physical. Low rest periods, high rep counts, fast paced and sweaty!

All programs are full body workouts with the goal of getting your heart rate up and getting you feeling gassed in 40 to 60 minutes. This option will have additional movement options like kettlebell swings and skipping so be prepared!

  • 40-60 minute training sessions

  • 4 workouts per week + off day options

  • Lighter weight workouts

  • Dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebell, skipping rope


Bodyweight Burn

No Equipment Training

Don't have an equipment? Can't get to the gym today? Travelling for work or on a vacation? This is a great option for you to stay on track with your fitness goal.

These programs are not just cardio based to make you sweat. We are focussing on aspects of all the other programs that we offer, just in a no equipment version. Get stronger, build muscle and burn fat without equipment!

  • 30-40 minute training sessions

  • 4 workouts per week + off day options

  • Includes strength, muscle building and endurance workouts

  • No equipment necessary


Custom program

Individualized For You

Want something specifically for you? That can happen! If you have specific equipment, goals, needs or a time frame then you might need a training plan specifically made for you!

This training option comes with what the membership program gets and more. You get more in depth and individualized coaching with training and nutrition on top of all the other benefits you get with being a part of our online community.

  • As many training sessions your goal needs

  • Recovery day options

  • Workouts are customized for what you have available.

  • Nutrition coaching 

  • 24/7 communication