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4 reasons why you need a Personal Trainer

Have you been going to the gym and not seeing any result?

Have you had a nagging injury for years and haven't been able to fix it for good?

Are you having trouble keeping up with your kids' and feel stuck?

Do you feel like you have no energy from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed?

Feeling demotivated or defeated in these situations happens. It's easy to put your health and fitness goals aside and tell yourself that you feeling tired or being in pain or overweight is"normal". Finding the commitment and motivation to attain your goals can be tough on your own, so hiring a coach or personal trainer is a great option. Whether you have never lifted a weight before or are very experienced, you can learn a lot from a professional that will help you live longer, be stronger and feel better,

Here are 4 great reasons why you need a personal trainer.

Accountability & Motivation

The hardest part of training is getting out the door. The accountability of a trainer is most needed when you are exhausted and trying to make excuses to not get to the gym. Having someone hold you accountable, physically, mentally and financially, is a huge motivating factor to get in and get the work done. Who ever feels worse after this situation? You always feel more accomplished and energetic after getting yourself in and putting in the time.

A great coach isn't just counting reps and sets for you, either. They are pushing you through those difficult exercises, adding weight when you don't think you can do it, but know you can with some motivation and assistance. Motivation from a coach or team of people is going to get you to your goal even faster. Think of how long it has taken you to try and do this on your own. Having that motivational support and accountability will help you push yourself past plateaus and mental blocks.

Customized Programming For The Best Result

You can easily find a exercise program or routine online from various different websites or social media platforms. But is that program built to help you, specifically? Have you downloaded the "latest and greatest" program from your favourite Instagram celebrity to find that it didn't give you the same results it gave them? Maybe it has to do with the fact that it wasn't designed for what you needed.

Having a trainer or coach take your goals, needs, strengths and limitations into consideration and create a program for you is what will take your training to the next level. Understanding your imbalances, biomechanics, body structure and the intensity level needed for that particular block of programming is going to give you the best result possible.

Exercise selection, set and rep schemes, time under tension, intensity level and rest periods are all variables that go into each and every program written. Changing these to change the stimulus or result is called Periodization. Periodizing your training is something you won't get from a general fitness program. Taking the variables that go into a program and adapting them to exactly what you need will help you overcome a plateau, decrease your risk of injury, improve your strength and burn more fat.

Time Management & Efficiency

Having a structured schedule will make your time at the gym efficient and effective. Do you waste time wandering around the gym, talking to other members? Walk in without having a program? Don't know how to use the equipment properly? Not having a clear direction for the training can result in a lot of time wasted and no progress made.

A coach won't let your time be wasted. Every programmed workout should have timed set and reps with tempo and time under tension, timed rest periods and a clear goal on what needs to be done that session. They want you to get the best workout possible in the time that you have with them. Using the "Im too busy to exercise" excuse doesn't work anymore.

Knowledge and experience to cater to your specific needs & goals

There are lots of people that call themselves personal trainers, these days. But are they all qualified or knowledgeable enough to help you get stronger, rehabilitate an old injury or lose body fat properly? A great coach or trainer is going to have a great assessment protocol before they begin with a new client.

A consultation or assessment will help the trainer see what the client needs which gives them the ability to program for their goals. The goals a client has might not line up with the things they need at first, so its important to find a trainer that can take existing issues (ie. postural, previous injury, imbalances) and relate what they need to why its beneficial for their end goal.

A trainer isn't just helping you count sets and reps. Coach's are helping you change lifestyle and nutrition habits to make not only your fitness experience more fulfilling, but your every day life as well. The trainer you hire has to be someone that can guide you not just with exercise, but with other aspects of your health so they can all work together towards your ultimate goal.

Hiring a trainer becomes much more than someone that helps count your reps in the gym. The accountability to show up and work hard. Keeping you motivated with a positive attitude and plan of action. Programming efficient and effective training sessions to keep you moving towards the goals. Lifestyle and nutritional advice to not only help your numbers go up in the gym, but make you happier and more productive in your life outside of the gym as well.


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