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This is a great EBook for someone with no experience training and someone with years of training under their belt. This 50+ page manual has something for everyone!


The knowledge in this EBook is an accumulation of years of certifications, courses, seminars and research which just shows you how that someone with years of experience can still benefit greately from rebuilding their fitness foundation. You are garenteed to learn something new from this and get a great result because of it.


What You Get!


  • Basic nutrition fundamentals 
  • How to track your macros for your goal
  • Supplement recommendations
  • How to use training variables in your goal
  • 12 weeks of training programs - 3 full programs!
  • How to match your training with your nutrition
  • Fitness myth busting
  • My favourite exercises in detail


And a whole lot more!

This is a ton of value for a great price. So if you are more of a do it yourself person, this EBook is for you! 

Beginner's Guide To Training And Nutrition

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